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How to Edit Videos on iPhone Using iMovie

    Editing videos on an iPhone has never been easier, thanks to the intuitive and free iMovie app. If you want to slap together a montage from your recent vacation or craft a professional-grade video project, iMovie packs all the tools you need under one roof to make a masterpiece.
    This detailed guide takes you through every step of video editing using iMovie, making sure you will be able to come up with stunning videos easily. As our resource, we used a great video on YouTube by Primal Video.
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    Getting Started with Editing Videos on Iphone with iMovie

    When you open the iMovie, the screen will represent three project choices: Magic Movie, Storyboard, and Movie. So, to be at full liberty, choose a Movie. That is to say, you are free to import your footage, which you will later edit as exactly preferred. Therefore, you would scroll through your library and tap the “Create Movie” button. Familiarizing Yourself with the Interface. 

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    The iMovie interface is split into three main sections:

    Preview Window: Located at the top, this is where your video plays back.
    Media, settings, and help json: Located at the top-right of the Editor, they provide the user with the capability to import media json, access and modify settings of the project, and serve as resources for help.
    Timeline: This is the part of the user interface at the bottom where the video clips are located. It is actually most of the editing work area, from making trims of the clips to adding transitions.
    video editing with iphone

    Trimming and Splitting Your Footage

    Editing in iMovie is an edit of the footage that trims unwanted sections from your clips and cuts the same for further adjustments. To do so, click on the part in the timeline, and it will show the yellow handles to trim its beginning or end. You can also split it apart by placing the playhead where you want it to cut, then click the scissors icon under the preview.
    edit videos on iphone


    Adding B-Roll or Overlay Footage

    Place overlay footage on your story. To select secondary clips and choose how you want them inserted in your story, click the “+” sign in the viewer. You could insert the secondary clips as full-screen cutaways, further modifying them into picture-in-picture or split-screen cuts, just to make it much more interesting.
    video editing with an iphone


    Incorporating Titles and Text

    IMovie comes with a bunch of title styles to help you make your statement or just title. Click on any clip within which you want to add text, and then select “Titles” from the options just below that. Choose a style, then double-click it to load it into the viewer; then customize it with your text.

    You can further adjust fonts, colors, and positioning to fit your video’s theme.

    imovie video editing


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    Transitioning Between Clips

    Tap on the transitions icon between the clips and select the style you want them to be in, for example, “dissolve” or “slide.” Transition lengths and types are premised upon your video’s pacing and the tone therein.
    video edit imovie


    Utilizing Effects and Adjustments

    iMovie also helps to add further effects to your footage, like zoom, speed effects, and freeze frames. Click on a clip and see for yourself the editing tools which can help to slow down a moment, speed up a sequence, or focus by zooming in on something.
    ipad video editing


    Adding Music and Sound Effects

    And a catchy soundtrack will bring your video to a different level. Click the “+” and go to the “audio” tab to select tracks and add their music or sound effects. Use “Audio” to change the volume, just in case, so that the added background doesn’t overpower your main audio.
    imovie how to add music


    Finalizing Your Project

    When you’re done polishing up your video, you can now go ahead and share it. Tap “Done” to save your project and be presented with export options. Remember: iMovie is majorly based in a landscape orientation, so having a portrait video should be cut after exporting it so that it stays that way.
    iMovie exportimovie exportedit videos on iphone


    How to Edit Videos on iPhone Conclusion

    We hope that you got an answer to the question of how to edit videos on iPhone. iMovie turns your iPhone into an editing suite that allows you to come up with professional-quality content from wherever you are. With these tools and features, it’s impossible not to make professional-quality videos and still find it fun. From a personal keepsake to a share-worthy masterpiece, iMovie goes further than ever in turning your videos into your wildest creations. This article provides a summary of the tutorial given and summarizes the steps to guide a learner on how to edit his or her video on an iPhone with iMovie. Each of the sections is meant to build on the reader’s understanding and skills from the last one. 
    If you wonder how to become a video editor, here are free video editing courses.

    Film Composition Examples

    Within this FREE PDF, you will discover:

    • film composition examples in movies
    • how filmmakers employ composition techniques 
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