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Where to Find Free Music Royalty Free

    Are you asking, where to find free music royalty free? You are in the right place, we’ve got you covered.

    In the vast realm of content creation and video editing, music serves as a powerful tool to evoke emotions, set the tone, and elevate the overall viewer experience. However, the quest for suitable, high-quality, and, importantly, free music royalty free can be a challenging odyssey for creators navigating copyright constraints. Fear not, as this comprehensive guide delves into an extensive array of platforms where you can discover royalty-free music to enhance your projects without denting your budget.

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    Why is Free Music Royalty Free Important for Video Creators

    Understanding why royalty-free music is crucial for video creators is like unlocking the secret sauce of creative freedom. Picture this: you’re in the zone, pouring your creativity into a killer video, and then bam! You throw in a track that vibes perfectly, but oops, it’s got that pesky copyright tag. Suddenly, your masterpiece is on the chopping block, and copyright strikes are raining down. Enter the superhero: royalty-free beats. Platforms like Stream Beats, Thematic, and YouTube Audio Library offer a buffet of tunes without the copyright headaches. Ben Sound and SoundCloud bring that extra flavor to your sonic palette. It’s the key to avoiding legal drama and letting your creativity shine. So, creators, dive into the royalty-free groove and enjoy the sweet taste of creative freedom.

    1. Stream Beats by Harris Heller: Crafting Soundscapes for Creators

    Our journey begins with Stream Beats, a brainchild of Harris Heller, a luminary in the realms of Twitch streaming, YouTube content creation, and music. Heller’s firsthand experience in the struggle to find contemporary and engaging music led to the creation of Stream Beats. This treasure trove offers a diverse selection, spanning from vibrant EDM tracks ideal for intros and outros to mellow lo-fi tunes perfect for creating ambient and chill vibes within your videos. The simplicity of browsing and downloading makes Stream Beats an invaluable resource for creators across various niches.

    Diving Deeper into Stream Beats Categories:

    • Upbeat EDM Anthems: Energize your video’s start and finish with dynamic EDM tracks that captivate your audience from the first frame.

    • Mellow Lo-fi Journeys: Transition seamlessly into more contemplative sections of your content with the soothing tones of lo-fi tracks.

    • Exploring Stream Beats Collections: With a carefully curated collection, you have the flexibility to explore and choose the perfect musical backdrop for every segment of your video.

    Unfortunately, the website ( is down at the moment, however, some good people have these tracks on drive so here you go.

    2. Thematic: Unlocking a Sonic Palette

    Moving forward, let’s explore Thematic, a platform that resonates with the Spotify experience. Thematic introduces creators to artists’ pages, allowing for a curated exploration of their songs. What sets Thematic apart is its unique feature that lets you preview videos where specific songs have been utilized. This functionality provides valuable insights into the versatility of the music, making it easier to match with diverse video categories. While Thematic offers both free and premium versions, the free version can cater to a multitude of creative needs. 

    Thematic’s Key Features:

    • Artist-Centric Exploration: Dive into the musical world of artists, discovering a spectrum of sounds that align with your creative vision.

    • Visual Previews: Gain a sneak peek into how songs have been used in different video categories, aiding you in making informed choices.

    • Free and Premium Harmony: Enjoy the benefits of Thematic’s free version or delve deeper into the premium features, unlocking a richer sonic experience.

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    3. YouTube Audio Library: A Sonic Haven Endorsed by YouTube

    For creators seeking a sense of security and ease of use, the YouTube Audio Library emerges as a reliable choice. Curated by YouTube itself, this library offers a wide selection of music tailored for YouTube creators. While it may lack some of the more contemporary tracks like lo-fi, it compensates with a straightforward interface and the assurance that the platform providing the music is also the one hosting your content.

    YouTube Audio Library Highlights:

    • Genres for Every Mood: Explore a variety of genres catering to different moods, ensuring a seamless integration of music into your videos.

    • Background Music Bliss: Find the perfect background and upbeat tracks, turning your videos into captivating visual narratives.

    • YouTube’s Stamp of Approval: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using music directly provided by YouTube for its creators.

    4. Bensound: Elevating Professionalism in Soundscapes

    In the quest for a more polished and professional sound, Ben Sound emerges as a noteworthy contender. While it might lean towards a more generic sound, it excels in providing music suitable for promotional or corporate content. The user-friendly platform simplifies the process of navigating through different genres, making it a convenient choice for creators with specific audio requirements.

    Ben Sound’s Unique Offerings:

    • Professional Soundscape: Elevate your videos with tracks that exude a polished and professional vibe, perfect for promotional and corporate content.

    • Genre Tags for Easy Navigation: Browse through different genres seamlessly, ensuring that you find the perfect musical accompaniment for your projects.

    • User-Friendly Platform: Navigate through the platform with ease, saving time and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    5. SoundCloud: Unearthing Hidden Gems

    SoundCloud, a platform known for its vast and eclectic musical landscape, also holds hidden gems for creators in search of royalty-free music. While it may be a bit hit or miss, the potential for discovering unique sounds makes it a valid option. By using search terms like “no copyright music” or “royalty-free music,” you can uncover tracks that might be the perfect fit for your creative endeavors.

    SoundCloud’s Dynamic Soundscape:

    • Gem-Hunting Journey: Embark on a journey of exploration, unearthing hidden gems that might add a distinctive flair to your videos.

    • Search Terms for Precision: Use specific search terms to streamline your quest for tracks that align with your copyright-free requirements.

    • Diverse and Eclectic Options: Benefit from the diverse range of sounds available on SoundCloud, catering to a multitude of creative preferences.



    Credit Where Credit’s Due: Acknowledging Artists and Platforms:

    • Artist Recognition: Remember to credit the artists whose music enriches your videos, adhering to any attribution requirements they may have.

    • Platform Appreciation: Acknowledge and appreciate the platforms that provide these valuable resources, ensuring the continued availability of quality royalty-free music.




    Free Music Royalty Free: Conclusion

    Embarking on the quest for free music royalty free is not merely a practical necessity; it’s a journey of artistic exploration. Whether you resonate with the vibrant beats of Stream Beats, explore the curated sounds of Thematic, leverage the endorsement of YouTube’s Audio Library, embrace the professional touch of Bensound, or dive into the eclectic world of SoundCloud, your creative palette expands with each discovery.

    As you weave together the threads of sound and vision in your creative tapestry, remember that each note and frame contributes to a unique and unforgettable viewer experience. With these resources and tools at your disposal, your journey as a creator takes on a new dimension – one where sonic landscapes and visual narratives converge to captivate audiences and leave a lasting imprint on the digital canvas.

    If you also wonder how to become a video editor, check out our other resources.

    Happy creating, and may your artistic endeavors resonate with the world!

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