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How to get an Idea? Or How to Make Your Film/Video Stand Out from the Crowd with Pre-Production

    Welcome to “The Creative Blueprint: How to Make Your Film/Video Stand Out from the Crowd with Pre-Production,” a masterclass by the talented Austrian director, Verena Soltiz, for Cinesummit. With an impressive portfolio of brands such as Red Bull, BWIN, A1, and Billa under her belt, Verena brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

    In this blog, we will delve into Verena’s unique thinking process and share our perspectives, offering valuable insights on creating standout films and videos. We’ll explore the key elements that make a project memorable and discuss strategies to elevate your work.

    While Verena’s valuable contributions form the backbone of this blog post, we want to emphasize that we are independent enthusiasts who have no affiliation or formal partnership with Cinesummit. However, we highly recommend exploring their website, as it is a treasure trove of exceptional content related to the world of filmmaking.

    So, whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a seasoned professional, or an avid fan of the art, get ready to unlock the secrets of making your film or video shine. Let’s embark on this creative journey together and discover how to leave an indelible mark in the ever-competitive landscape of visual storytelling.

    1:1 Thierry Henry (2011) Directed by Verena Soltiz


    Cut the Idea: Giving Yourself Something to Work With

    The creative process begins with the germ of an idea. Verena Soltiz highlights that every director has a distinct way of getting inspired. Understanding this initial step is crucial, as it sets the foundation for the pre production & the entire project.


    Get the Idea: Building the House of Thoughts

    To develop the idea further, research becomes the building block. Delve deep into the subject matter, brand, or topic you want to explore. Verena suggests creating a framework of thoughts by immersing yourself in photos, books, stories, and movies that resonate with your project’s mood and atmosphere.


    Think: Letting Your Thoughts Dance Simple yet powerful

    Close your eyes and let your thoughts dance to the music or the atmosphere you envision for the project. This step helps you shape the narrative’s rhythm and flow, providing clarity as you imagine the film repeatedly.


    Shape: From Synopsis to Storyboard, Master Pre-Production

    With the foundation laid, it’s time to shape the idea into a tangible form. Write a synopsis to capture the essence of the story in a few sentences. Then, create a more comprehensive story, adding depth and details to the concept.


    Music, Pictures, and Books: Enhancing the Visual Palette

    As filmmakers, we’re storytellers who harness the power of audio-visual art. Delve into music, photography books, museum exhibitions, and online sources to build the visual landscape for your project. Collect and curate the elements that resonate with your vision.


    Film production


    Shooting Day: Capturing Magic in Motion

    The shooting day is the culmination of all the preparation. Verena emphasizes the importance of motivation, organization, and flexibility on set. Stick to your shooting board and storyboard, but also leave room for spontaneity and creativity.


    Edit/Cut: Shaping the Final Masterpiece

    Post-production is where the real magic happens. Collaborating with an editor, watch the rough footage together and begin piecing the puzzle together. Give the editor creative freedom but also make your version, exploring different possibilities.


    Finalize: The Art of Refinement

    Every cut, every frame matters. Finalize the project with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the story flows seamlessly and captures the essence of your vision.


    Remember, the creative process is an intricate dance of imagination and practicality. Don’t be afraid to experiment, deviate from the steps, or incorporate your unique touch. As Verena Soltiz wisely points out, the timeline for this process can vary widely, ranging from a few days to several months, depending on the project’s scale and complexity.

    So, if you’re embarking on a creative journey of your own, remember to enjoy the ride. Embrace the fluidity of the process, be in the moment, and allow your artistic vision to shine. With determination and passion, your film or video projects will stand out from the crowd, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of your audience.

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